Other Pallet Equipment

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Pallet Chief Manufacturing equipment is known around the world for design and production of cost effective, low maintenance, user friendly and profit-building pallet production equipment. Pallet Chief Manufacturing's provides the best machines to help pallet builders from the initial start-up customer all the way to the larger pallet company who wants to achieve higher production with minimum maintenance and fewer man-hours.

Pallet Chief Flipper

The Pallet Flipper is an automated pallet handling machine that eliminates the heavy work of turning a pallet over. This pallet flipper can be integrated with any of our conveyor pallet systems .

Pallet Nester / Stacker

The Pallet Nester / Stacker is the key to nesting and stacking the finished pallets. Our Pallet Nester / Stacker works great for block pallets and/or skids.

Pallet Nail Clincher

The Pallet Nail Clincher is a component of our Block Pallet System and Deck Mat Nailer. The Nail Clincher works great for crates too.