Wooden Pallet Equipment for Sale

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In addition to pallet nailing and stacking equipment, Pallet Chief manufactures additional wooden pallet equipment for sale to complete your conveyer line. All our Pallet Chief branded pallet manufacturing equipment is incredibly simple to install and effortless to operate. None of the options within our wooden pallet equipment for sale require computer operation or PLCs. This makes them incredibly easy for your employees to use and maintain. To learn more about our individual pallet making machines, follow the links available below. If you don’t know what the best equipment for your company would be, contact us. Our experts can help to make sure you have everything you need to improve your production capabilities.

The Pallet Flipper is an automated pallet handling machine that eliminates the heavy work of turning a pallet over. This pallet flipper can be integrated with any of our conveyor pallet systems .

The Pallet Nester / Stacker is the key to nesting and stacking the finished pallets. Our Pallet Nester / Stacker works great for block pallets and/or skids.

The Pallet Nail Clincher is a component of our Block Pallet System and Deck Mat Nailer. The Nail Clincher works great for crates too.

The Pallet Chief Leg Nailer is an excellent choice for any business that need to make block pallets. The standard model is 48x48, but we can customize it to any size that fits your needs.

The Sod/Skid Machine is ideal for any Sod Farm application, for quality or production at any level. Virtually maintenance free & the easiest sod pallet machine in the industry to operate.

Our Fence Panel Machine is an automated machine that eliminates the heavy work of nailing, cutting, and flipping a fence panel.