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Pallet Chief
Block Pallet System
w/ Deluxe Stacker

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System Includes the Following Components:

The Pallet Chief Deck-Mat System builds deck mats or top components of a block pallet.

This machine nails the top deck boards and flat stringer boards together with a staggered nail pattern.

The Pallet Chief Leg Nailer is an excellent choice for any business that need to make block pallets.

The Pallet Nail Clincher is a component of our Block Pallet System and Deck Mat Nailer. The Nail Clincher works great for crates too.

The Deluxe Pallet Stacker can stack larger pallets and includes an accumulation table to keep the stacker open & ready.

Our Block Pallet System is a behemoth of pallet assembling machinery!

The standard model can build block pallets in sizes ranging from 36" X 30" to 48" X 48". Other sizes available. Every step in the process is automated, no manual handling of the pallet is required.

This new system can be built to accommodate almost any style of block pallet. The new staggered nailing feature comes standard with this system. A nesting stacker is standard for non-perimeter base pallets. Also, the new quick adjustment feature reduces change-over time by more than 50%.

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