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Pallet Chief II with Standard Stacker

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The Pallet Chief II provides an ideal choice for almost any application. No matter your desired quality or production level, the PC II pallet nailer can handle your load. In addition, our Pallet Chief II for sale is virtually maintenance free and among one of the easiest pallet machines in the industry to operate. It uses 110 volts and compressed air.

The Pallet Chief II wooden pallet nailing machine remains our #1 seller because of its simplicity, versatility and price. Contact us to get your order and financing package started.

Standard Features

  • **NEW** Quick-Adjust Feature

  • 300-400 Pallets Per 8 Hour Day

  • One-Man Operation

  • Fast Set-Up Time

  • Uses Collated Nails or Large Coils

  • Offers Increased Speed and Productivity

  • Accurate Nail Placement

  • 4-Stringer Set-Up

PC II Testimonial

"We bought two Pallet Chief II machines in September of 2003. We use about 50% new and 50% recycled wood. We like the Pallet Chief II because you can use new wood one day and recycled wood the next day without any changes to the machine. Using recycled wood, one operator can produce 300 to 400 quality pallets in an 8 hour shift on the Pallet Chief II. We like that the operator can see the boards as he is pulling the gantry across and make sure that the boards stay in place and are not moving . We take good care of our machines and, in four years, have had no maintenance problems. I know of no other machine that will build uniform, quality pallets with recycled wood as well as the Pallet Chief II. "

Joe Chesney | Chesney Enterprises

Williamsburg, PA


Standard Pallet Specifications

  • Pallet Width (Min) 34"

  • Pallet Width (Max) 48"

  • Pallet Length (Min) 34"

  • Pallet Length (Max) 48"

  • Pallet Thickness (Max) 6"

  • Stringer Height (Min) 3"

  • Stringer Height (Max) 4"

  • Deck Board Thickness (Min) 0.5"

  • Deck Board Thickness (Max) 1"

  • Deck Board Width (Min) 3"

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • System Length 15'

  • System Width 6'

  • System Height 5'

  • Stacker Height 12' With Uprights

  • System Weight 2,500 pounds

Standard Energy Requirements

  • Air Supply 17cmf @ 120psi

  • Power Supply 110V @ 15A

Equipment Options

  • Single Wing

  • Double Wing

  • Single Overhang

  • Double Overhang

  • Butted Boards

  • Solid Deck

  • Additional Stringer Assembly